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Inventory Management

BCI Packaging is devoted to making contract packaging as simple and convenient as possible, eliminating the stress of the typical experience. We offer inventory tracking and management services to guarantee your product receives the same attention and care in our warehouses as they would in yours.


Your components are protected in our facilities with pallet racking and designated storage lanes once they are received. Using bin location methodology, BCI Packaging can accurately track and easily retrieve your product. This guarantees your finished pallets will be shipped back to your warehouses or directly to your customer in a timely fashion and with extra care, following all special requests and instructions.


Our primary goal is to provide you with a cost-effective outsourcing solution. As a result, we offer many of our inventory management services at no extra cost to you.


Benefits include:​
  • A bill of materials for each job 

  • Quality checks

  • Damaged parts notification

  • Daily finished goods counts

  • End-of-run cycle counts 

  • Comprehensive inventory reporting

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