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Labor-Intensive Solutions

BCI champions innovation and resourcefulness, which are two key attributes that directly translate into our ability to offer cost-effective labor-intensive solutions for your outsourcing needs. We can answer nearly any need thanks to our adaptable team and established infrastructure.


Our specialties include:
BCI light manufacturing

Light Manufacturing

We pay strict attention to each customer's requirements for light manufacturing, which is the process of turning raw materials into finished, final products. Our team members are experts, churning out one million mouse traps per year on one line alone! We get your work done on budget and on schedule. 

BCI quality rework

Quality Rework

We get your work done quickly and effectively—everything from identifying bad components, missing parts, mixed lot codes, packs with wrong labels, the wrong flavors in a variety pack, or looking for damaged product—no matter what your criteria is. We work hard to make sure your production never stops, saving you both downtime and excessive back charges.

BCI assembly

General Assembly

General Assembly takes pre-manufactured parts and subassemblies and puts them together to create completely final products. This process often involves handwork that cannot be done by machine. We build each one of your products to order based upon exact standards. 

BCI sorting and inspecting

Sorting and Inspecting

BCI Packaging sorts and inspects materials, as well as handles quality control when the process involves verifying and sorting parts (i.e. separating unacceptable items from that ones that are acceptable or repairable, general sorting of large quantities or bulk products and materials by size, weight, or type, etc.) Our number one priority is delivering quality products to the end users each and every time. 

BCI kitting


Our employees are specialists who excel at packing individual items together to make one unit. We love kits and take great care of them! Our team will create the perfect solution since packing options are endless. Your finished kits will arrive in excellent order, making you look good while saving you money. 

BCI fulfillment

Fulfillment Services

We offer full turn-key services for primary and secondary packaging, assembly, and fulfillment. If you require back-end warehouse, distribution and fulfillment support, we can seamlessly prepare and ship to individual customers, retail distribution centers, or direct to big-box stores.

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