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At BCI Packaging, we specialize in logistics management. We leverage our inherent resourcefulness to assist you in managing the components of your supply chain. We offer efficient, cost-effective solutions based out of our centrally located facilities.


By partnering with BCI, you will enjoy the benefits of our superior and successful experience. We strive to ease the financial burden of internally handling your own inbound logistics management. This includes preventing potential bottlenecks at your facility by receiving components directly from your suppliers.


Our accurate tracking and component management provides you with a detailed inventory information at any time. Trust BCI Packaging to improve both your company's logistics process and your timeline.



BCI is devoted to minimizing your costs and maximizing your efficiencies. Let us eliminate expensive steps from your outbound logistics procedures or improve current processes to better suit your needs. Reduce double-handling at your distribution center and allow BCI Packaging to ship your product directly to your customers—a service we’ve perfected through our ongoing work with Sam’s Club and Costco.


We print and apply pallet tracking labels, determine the best loading method for your products, and expertly arrange custom tailored, efficient transportation.

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