A Win-Win

Reaching people with disabilities and their families about our life-changing vocational training programs is a constant challenge—and it’s why we launched our Student Referral Program. The families who would most benefit from our services live in our communities, so we’re enlisting our communities to help!

If you know someone who lives with a disability and wants to work competitively, encourage them to learn more and apply. Once your referral applies, email us with the student’s full name and your full name. And when your referral successfully completes his or her training, you’ll receive a $500 bonus!

This referral program is available to BCI team members (including organizational OES and select staff) as well as to those employed by our Skills Center vocational training business partners. However, the following individuals are ineligible: BCI executives, Skills Center or Competitive Employment team members, and those employed by agencies that fund BCI.

Your referral could be the life-changing challenge someone desperately wants but doesn’t know how to get. Help us empower more individuals with disabilities through vocational training. Submit your student referrals today. 

Referral bonus recipients will be required to submit a W-9 unless employed at BCI.